One day was like another and in this monotony of laying, eating and reading, hours, days and weeks are losing themself in a veil of  uncertainty.

She reached into the pile of sheets and draw a chunky book out of it.

An old tome which tells about the journey of an long forgotten adventurer. Tales, myths, wonderful places, good people, bad people and full of exagerrations.

This storires took her into a different world  – which was reality to others, but not for her. For her,  these fantastic tales seemed a unreachable as fantasy Stories of dragons and trolls.

She continued scrolling chapter after chapter and  while she lost herself in this fantastic world, a glimmer of a smile hushed through her lips.

Suddenly. A creaking noise unpeasently tore her out of her little adventure. It sounded as if the door to the house had been jerked open with brute force.


Several of them seemed to trample through the room which was directly above the cellar, in which she lived. Confusion and restlessness spread in her mind.

Then panic.

It must be at least three people and their steps were loud and in hurry, not like the calm ones of her brother.

But other than him nobody came to this place ever. Who are they, and what do they want ? a storm of emotions and thoughts took control of her as the wandering noises came closer to the wooden door which led to the cellar.

A heavy knocking hammered against it


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