Men of Faith

The Oath of the sun is an ancient covenant, though its roots lies in the south, the rise of the Rieubane Empire spread its influence throughout the lands.

Worshipping the tale of a god of sunlight and n ncient civilization, the order preaches to engage in jolly cooperation and strictly prohibits any research on the forgotten wisom.

According to the old tale, the ancients were Men who were gifted by the god with immense power,

ruling over earth, sea and the sky.

They were the destined rulers of the world and became gods themselfes.

However humanity was never to be satisfied.

Greed and gluttony quickly infested the hearts of men and grew a horrific creature,

an insatiable hunger for more.

It made nature its slave brought pain and suffering over the world.


This nightmare was slain by the lord of sunlight himself.

He decided he shall not give up mankind and gifted another chance.

Scattered fragmentsof that time still remain today, ruins, strange devices, architectures

are called "Artifacts" and are seen as an warning memorial, to be responsible and live in modesty

and hard punishments awaits those who seek to research on the secrets deep in them.



After the king learned about strange activites in the north, beyond the Far Away Mountain

he sent out Garreth, one of his most trusted knights to protect the hidden secrets.

With his shield in his hand and his faith in his heart, he and his men travel through days and night, restless and tireless and getting closer to the Astral Sea..

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