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Trollgod Cover.png
Release   :  October 16th
An gruesome weapon from ancient times is brought back to bring death and destruction towards Rieubane empire .
Men of Faith Art.png
Release   :  September 2nd 2020
Men of Faith is about the covenant of the sun and the faithfull knight Garreth who draws incredible strenght out of his devotion.   
Release   :  August 18th 2020
In a land where the sun is worshipped as a symbol of divinity and all what is good, a girl was born under the light of the moon and as bearer of a curse.
Release   :  July 17th 2020
Garreth checks if his men were battle-ready and prepares for a dangerous quest that leads them to adventures far north..
Release   :  November 20th
Arrows, swords and axes answered his determination and fell on him like
like a heavy rain storm, but his shield was bigger and his faith shone brighter
Retreat is no option.
Tactical Retreat.png
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