call to arms

Wrinkles of concern marked the eldery man's facial expression, for what he feared most, it seemed to be true. But he would not let that happen. Never would he allow history to repeat itself once more.

Humanity has been given a second chance and he shall shatter all those who dare to threaten it. For the good of the world and by his honour. The King called his most trusted knight to gather his men, they shall seek out, far north, across the astral sea and beyond the far away mountain,

That man he called had a strong arm, a strong faith, and, most importantly – a strong heart.

He was called Garreth the Shieldguard.

For his shield was not just a shield.

It was a iron bastion of righteousness and light and its name was well-known all

across the land.

Tall as a man and heavy alike, no mace could shatter it and no axe would scratch it, yet he, whose devotion was second to none, wield it with ease.

As long as that man would carry this shield, light will shine upon the proud walls of this kingdom.


Garreth mustered his troops precisely.

Their arms were strong and drawn of defined muscles – he didn't look.

Their bodies, well trained and of great capability – he didn't care.

Their weapons were sharp and clean – for him it didn't matter.

He wanted to see if they were battle-ready – not in their arms, but in their hearts.

Only a deep look into their eyes, for he knew, the eyes of a man bear only the truth, for they mirror his soul.


At suns rising, he raised his axe to the sky, dipped it into the sunlight and with that, he infused not only their weapons but their spirits with the power of the sun, which marks the symbol of the Rieubane Empire.


Like a magnificent father, this woundrous body would watch over its warriors.

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