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Welcome friend!
Im Leonard Kemenani, guitarist, composer and musician from Germany.

Born 1990 in Iserlohn (NRW), I developed  my fascination for rock music as a teenager

and it was due to the song "Demonic Dreams" by "Graveworm" from 2003 which lit my fire

and brought me into pick up the guitar.

"someday I want play something beautiful as this solo!"
I made my first experience like most do with garage bands and dealt it as a hobby while working with a

regular 9-5 job, however my ambitions grew with every band and every progress I made as a musician.

At some point one has to ask himself "what do you wanna do with your life?" - and that's where

I decided and don't want to spent the majority of my life as some random retail worker and making

music is what really drives me, and I said "I wanna rock!" (c'mon you know the referrence! ;3)


I intensified my focus to actually get good and took lessons by two awesome teachers, Dominik Hullmann

and Robert Resinek, who not only taught me a lot about music but also helped and inspired me to

find my own style and to stand for what I am into - the most important thing.


"Maldurin" is everything that fascinates me -  melodic rock music, guitar solos and epic medieval fantasy worlds!

And honestly my passion for classic videogame music is also an very important inspiration for my melodic

compositions though!

It's the influence of my teachers and these interests of mine which make my style uniqe und recognizable - I'm not trying to

sound like anything or anyone but I play with passion and soul and let my experience shape the rest!
As Maldurin I'm releasing at least one new song every month since July 2020 and with my songs I also tell

tales from an original fantasy universe which I created - you can look up the stories for the songs on this page too!

Musician / Composer

If you like what you hear you can also book me for different purposes.

I will gladly compose music for your project, band, videogame or videos etc.

I'm also assisting your shows and recordings as session guitarist

or playing a show as Maldurin on your Event.
Just hit me up on a personal mail!



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